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Bones Season 11 Episode 5

The Resurrection in the Remains

2 teenagers  found the body in abandon church while they prepare Halloween party. Bones and team go to check the body, Hodgins found the iron coffin near by. They just found another body without head in it and it from old period.

They found the victim is Sarah, Booth and Aubrey go to ask her boyfriend Joel. He tells them they are happy in few last week after she change her look.

They found witch book in her stuff, it has same symbol match with the iron coffin. Agent Mills and Crane from Sleepy hallow shows up, they want to help in case.

After Crane see body, he tells them the old body in coffin is belong to Abraham. But Angela shows them that his is General William, the bad british commander.

Booth and Mills found that Sarah use her saw to cut off his head, Crane found the magic book is for necromancy. They found that she try to revive him, Cam found that part of Sarah is died 2 weeks ago.

They found that the killer might use his skull to kill her, after she used it to revive herself. They found that few nights ago, she celebrate with …, he tells them they have no affair because he is gay. He tells Aubrey that she asks him to stop her heart and bring her back. After that he said she was very happy.

They found that the skull might be in the lab, they found that she dead in lab. They takes all evidence from lab back to find the skull.

Angela tells Bones that Crane’s handwriting same as Washington’s assistant, Aubrey questions John. He is supervisor of Sarah, he admit that he gives her the medicine to stop her heart but it’s because she blackmail her.

Crane tells Bones about General’s false tooth, it makes by porcelain. It might contain killer’s skin. They found that Sarah’s boyfriend is the one who killed her.