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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 4

Before the Flood

Doctor use Tardis to back before the flood, they shows up in the town. They found the craft and coffin, doctor tell them this is hearse.

They meets the Funeral Director, one of the first ghost. He tells them he is here to buried the fish king, and he is not the one who send the coordinate. There is no symbol on craft yet.

He called Carla back, she is happy to see him and tells him about his ghosts. She tells him he can’t die on her. Funeral Director is attacked by fish king, after he see the symbol.

Ghost doctor get inside and open the cage to let the other ghost out, doctor wants to talk with his ghost. They tells them to back to the cage, he tells her he will come back.

doctor found Funeral Director dead, and fisher king gone. They going back to Tardis but fisher king is after them, he killed one of them. doctor try to go back but Tardis keeps him in past.

doctor decide to face with fish king, he found him and tells him about future. He tells him that when his force arrived he will slave all human, he tells him that he is protecting them.

He tells him that he already deleted his message, so all of these will not happen. He rush back and found he’s lied, he is the one who flooded the town.

Clara and the other escaping from the ghosts, they escapes to room where there is a pilot coffin. doctor gets up from coffin and lead them to control room. He trap the ghosts with sound of fisher king again.