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Bones Season 11 Episode 4

The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves

At day, father and son go in the wood for hunting. They found the skull, his son shoot it down. Bones and team go to see the body, it’s hard for them to reconstruct the face.

With new intern’s help, they found the victim is Justin. FBI found last night one of his employee was with him, Chris they question him.

They found from him that victim is in to fantasy football, they found one of his team Craig. Aubrey goes to question him, he tells him about Divers who recently has fight with victim.

They question  him, he tells them about money victim lost a lot. The commissioner will get everything once victim died, after talks with him seem he rigid.

Angela found that Justin is helping his team, Chris but he failed. Chris tells Aubrey about Justin’s affair with Craig’s wife. She tells him that Craig’s know about her affair.

Bones found the murdered weapon, Booth goes to question Craig. But Bones found the murder weapon later, and it’s belong to commissioner.

He and Justin has a violent message, they think that Justin is going to remove him from commissioner. So he killed him.