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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 3

Under the Lake

At the drum, it’s lab under the lake. They discover the craft the found under the lake, one of them thinks it’s a spaceship but other doesn’t agree.

Some of them start to see someone behind them and disappear, then one of them is attacked. Craft start to move and fire it engine, it killed one of them.

The rest then found the dead one shows up as a ghost, they start attack them. 3 days later Tardis shows up at the lab.

doctor wonders why they are here, they are checking for the crew. Instead they found the ghosts, they are following them to the craft.

They found also the sign that written on craft, ghosts shows up and start to attack them. They run and found the other crews, they escapes in the room. They tells them about ghosts and the submerged village.

After day light, they tell them now they can get out this room. Doctor found something on the craft missing, he asks them about it. But no one knows, he confirms to them they are really ghosts.

While they are talking then they found they are switched to night mode, doctor found that Tardis also has problem seem she doesn’t like ghost.

One of them is killed by ghost during switch to night, they found he is dead. He shows up and attack them, but they switch to day light on time and he disappear.

They decide to abandon the base then they found that ghosts call submarine with teams to the base, doctor stop them before they enter.

doctor asks them to switch to night mode, he is going to capture them. After switch they try to lure them, but plan failed and they separate. One of them captured by ghost but he let him live.

They success locked them in faraday cage, doctor tells them he wants to talk. He gets in cage with them, he found out that what ghosts saying is coordinates.

He tells them ghosts they try to send out coordinates, it can be hostile or not. He tells them to check the church in submerged village, the coordinates is there.

They decided to use drone to go to check, they found the pilot there. But he can’t get him out, doctor notices why they try to killed them. It’s the sign in the craft the make them see things.

They found that ghosts temper the base computer and cause base locked down, they need to get to Tardis to escape. But Carla and other traps in the other part, doctor takes the other to Tardis and go to the past.

Clara see new ghost as doctor.