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Bones Season 11 Episode 3 The Donor in the Drink

2 girls trespass in the abandon fish farm, they found a body in it. Bones and Booth go back to their job, they start with investigate the body from fish farm.

They found victim is the inventor, Nesbit. Booth and Aubrey go to see his assistant. But he seems clear.

Cam found that someone get his organs out, they takes a lot of his part out. Angela found one of black market seller that sells same organ that missing in victim.

Aubrey uses himself as bait, he goes to meet the seller for his organ. He shows himself and captured her.

Bones gives Booth the list of the organ waiting, she thinks one of them might not wants to wait. Booth thinks he found one of them is looking for kidney for his daughter. He tells them he bought it online but he has no idea that he is killed. He won’t also tell them who is doctor.

At lab they found extra tissue that not belong to victim, it’s from the victim shooting. They are be able to found doctor who do that.

Bones and Booth goes to see mortician at morgue, they have funeral going on. Bones found the body is suspicious. She checked and found his organ missing, he admitted that he sometimes take it. He tells them that he gets body that hit by car from his friend.

After check Bones found it’s consistent with his story. They found that Nina’s car match the hit and they found a lot of blood in her. But she claims that she didn’t kill him, someone gives to her.

Bones and team found that victim killed by bumper of car not hit by car, Booth found out that it’s victim’s assistant. He tells them it’s accident, they tell him that sell his organ is not.