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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 2

The Witch’s Familiar

Missy and Clara stills alive, they are outside Skoda, she tells Clara how doctor get them out. Now they plan to go back and help him.

Darvos announces to other Darlek that doctor is escape, they found in his machine. They start to attack at him, but as he is in Darvos’s machine they can’t do anything.

He tells them to bring Clara to him, but they tells him she is dead. Darvos and Sarff shows up, his snakes lock doctor in his chair.

They takes him back to Darvos, he tells him that all Darlek’s life link to him. If he died, they all are. He wants him to killed them all, but doctor hesitate.

Missy put Clara in one of dead Darlek, she explains her how Darlek works. They use her disguise and go through the security.

Missy and Clara shows up, she tells them she has her. She wants to see Darvos, while doctor is tricked by Darvos to use his regenerate to help him see last light.

He is captured in machine to get his energy, Missy found what happen and she break in the room and destroy the machine. But all Darlek already get the renew from his power, Missy wakes doctor up.

While Darvos taunt him for his success, doctor make his count down to 1. Skoda start to shaking.

doctor tells Darvos he knows what is he after and he let him do, instead give them his regeneration energy he woke up old dead Darlek from their sewer. Now they are getting up to consume them.

Clara shows up to see doctor, but he doesn’t see her. Missy shows up and tell him that this Darlek kill Clara,¬†she try to convince him she is not.

He found that she is not, he tells her how to open the body. He takes her out to Tardis and disappear, while Missy still trap inside the Skoda.

After doctor see Skoda falling down, he goes back to rescue Darvos.