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Bones Season 11 Episode 2

The Brother in the Basement

24 hours before, Booth is wounded. He torched the van to destroy the evidence, after that Kevin get called in 5 hours they will get what they want.

They question Miler about her partner, Richards. She tells them him stealing the list of undercover agent, Bones and them go to check his house.

Bones found a finger in fridge, at lab they found it’s belong to Richard’s fiance. At FBI they¬†think that Richard get the list out because the threat, Booth and Jared try to keep that list safe.

From finger cut, they think they found the place where Richard’s fiance is captured. Aubrey and Miler found Richard ans his fiance’s body.

From Richard’s phone, they found picture of Barlow attack him. He tells them he is his informant, he beats him to show the other. After that they found that Richard and Miler has affair. They go to confront her about it, she tells them when they break up she threaten him.

Bones found out that they are killed by brass knuckle, they found it’s Benjamin. At the hideout, Kevin tells them he wants to abort after Benjamin tells him to kill Booth. But their colleague doesn’t agreed.

They have fight, now they try to kill Booth. but he knocks them down. At FBI they question Benjamin, but he won’t talk. Bones barge in and force him speak. FBI and Bones go there and found Booth.

Booth are out of surgery and seem OK, Arastoo tells Cam that he will leave the lab. Bones tells Cam that she wants her job back. She tells Booth to get his job back too.