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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 1

The Magician’s Apprentice

Groups of solder are chasing and firing at by the plane, one of solider Kanzo found a boy running away, he tried to calm him down because he stand on mine. But he found out that he is the one who catch with mine. He yells for help.

Then he see sonic screw driver throw to his place, voice tells him to pick it up. He asks his name, child said he is Davros. He is surprise.

At some planet, Sarff is looking for the doctor. Later that he also shows up in few place to find the doctor. He tells one of them that Davros needs him.

Davros is the creator of Darlek, Sarff said that he is dying and wants to see the doctor. He lefts the message for him, he said Davros knows and remember.

Davros tells him that to find doctor, find his friends. At day Clara found that the plane is stop on sky for all over world, Clara goes to the UNIT.

They tell her that they are a lot of plane over world flying, they all freeze and they can’t contact any of them. Then they get the message from Doctor’s channel, Clara thinks it’s not doctor. Then they see Missy, she said she wants to talks to her.

Clara goes to see her, she tells her that she can’t find him. She tells her she worried about him, she starts to kill agent there. Clara convinces her to stop, she helps her find the doctor. They teleport to the place where they found him.

While talking, Sarff shows up. He tells him about Davros, he agreed to see him. Both of them also go with him.

Sarff takes him to see Davros, they are talking about what they had before. Clara and Missy found out that they are on Skaro, Daleks’s planet. They are captured by them, they found Tardis there. They want to destroy it, but Missy tells them how to use Tardis. But they don’t care and kill her, doctor try to save Clara but they killed her.