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Bones Season 11 Episode 1 The Loyalty in the Lie

6 months later, after Booth and Bones left their work. Aubrey called Booth for help on case, Hodgins, Arastoo and Cam go to see crime scene.

Someone try to burn the van to destroy it, they found body of man. After Angela run the evidence they found, she thinks this body is Booth.

Aubrey and Cam go to tell Bones about it, she found that he might lie to her and go out on field. She rush to lab to check the body. She wants to determine the bones by herself.

Aubrey and Caroline gather the FBI to find out what Booth doing. At lab, Bones tells them he is not Booth, she shows them her proof.

She is upset that they tell her wrong, she is going to find out where is him. At FBI, Miler from Internal investigation shows up. She will investigate the case, next day she questions Bones about Booth. But she wants her removed from case.

Aubrey and Angela found out that he is working with someone, Bones and Arastoo found that the body belong to Jared, Booth’s brother.

Bones and Miller go to question Jared’s wife, they found he has money from Kevin, his friend. Miler and Aubrey found from him that he worked with security before missing.

Arastoo and Bones found that Jared is shot and fell from Victor’s house. Aubrey thinks may be Booth still there, FBI’s team goes there. They found 3 bodies on 3rd floor, but no sign of Booth.

Caroline tells Aubrey that Miler’s partner also missing, at lab they found out that Booth’s team get in and kill Victor and his men. But they found booth is wounded.

Apparently Booth is working with Jared’s friend, Kevin.