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Arrow Season 4 Episode 9 Dark Waters

Oliver is looking at what he did for bay, seems his campaign goes well. But then arm mini copter shows up and shoot at them. Felicity stop it on time.

Oliver is very upset what happen, he wants to know what is at the bay. John goes to talks with his brother again.

While Felicity’s mother arrange her stuff, he found the ring that Oliver plans to propose her. They are so excited.

Oliver tells them the plan to face them in light, but mean all of them will be a target. They are all agreed, Oliver tells the press about Damian. He tells them he is the head of the ghosts organization. His face is on the news, he is very upset.

Oliver found that they want to throw the holiday party, he against it but they tell him he has to show the city that he doesn’t fear them.

At party, Felicity found that Lances and her mother dated. She tells Oliver that she knows that he was going to propose her, while they talk. Damian and ghosts shows up, he knocks down him and take John, Felicity and Thea.

Arrow is looking for Damian but he couldn’t find him, he is upset. Laureli gets news from her hotline that her father worked with Damian. Olivier tells them the plan after Malcom get the phone from one of ghost.

He wants to trade himself with them, he goes to see Damian. He takes him to his lair and shows him his plan. Malcom and Laureli are going after Oliver, they tag him with undetectable tracker.

Damian takes him to see Felicity, after that he takes his friends to the gas chamber. He is going to kill them, Malcom shows up as green arrow with Laureli. They get them out, Malcom goes after Damian. While Damian is going to kill him, Oliver shows up and stop him.

Malcom gets chance to kill Damian, before he died he cast some spell before his base is explode. Arrow’s team think that he might not died.

Damian takes his colleague to see one room, he shows that phase 3 is done they are going to begin phase 4. They ask him what to do to Oliver queen.

Tonight Oliver is going to make his speech, then he propose her at front of the city. During way they back, they are ambush by ghosts. She gets hit.