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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 9 She Wants Revenge

After Shanghaied knows about Valentine’s prison, she goes to check it. She wants revenge on James, she tells Will that she will manage their wedding.

Liz refuses to help Shanghaied, she is very upset. She hired the private detective to find Valentine, she get called about him.

She goes to see them, Valentine invited her in. She also takes Donovan back and swear to him that she will has only him.

Group of porn movies crew check in wit Iris, she is upset with them. She gets in and kill them. Donovan shows up to see her, he is surprise. She warns her about Shanghaied, she tells her about Ramona. He also tells her that he tricks her too.

Evers goes to warns Will about Shanghaied, but he won’t listen her. She is in love with James, but he didn’t.

James shows up to see Shanghaied while she tells her workers to close the hole. She is upset with him for what he did, she tells him to finish the hole.

Donovan goes to see Ramona, he tells his plan to kill Shanghaied tonight. She agreed to kill her, she tells him how she hate Shanghaied.

After she lost Mo, she backs to parent but later her mother die, her father is very ill. She give him her blood to safe him, but after that his mind is not getting better. She has no choice but end his life. She wants revenge on Shanghaied.

Alexis following one of kid to a house, she found they are feeding on adults. She explains to them they are wrong, police will find them. They decide to flee and left her there.

Ramona and Donovan go to kill Shanghaied, but apparently Donovan tricks her. They captured her in hate-watch room.

Shanghaied tells Valentine about her plan, she is going to get more money they can lives well. After Natasha back, she invites her to hotel for girl night.

After wedding, Shanghaied and Will plan for honeymoon. Will meets James at the bar, he congratulate his wedding. Then he shows him Shanghaied’s son, he freak out when he see him.

Shanghaied shows up, she knocks him down. He wakes up and found Ramona, he helps her out. Ramona killed him and eaten him.