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Arrow Season 4 Episode 8 Legends of Yesterday

Olivier and his team try to hidden Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall from Vandal Savage. His team and STAR lab team are together to protect them.

Felicity found Oliver hidden something, he tells her that he will tells her later. Kendra and Carter try to wakes up her memory about her past life.

Oliver goes to see Samantha he thinks her son is his, but she said that he is not. Malcom called him that he arranged the meeting with Savage.

They go to see him, he tells them he wants the life force from Kendra and Carter. He threaten to destroy 2 cities. He tells them about his threat.

Kendra doesn’t agree about their plan to sacrifice, Carter talks to her he try to make her feels his rage.

John gets back with file from ARGUS, a man in tape says that there is object that can undo Savage but he didn’t say what is it. Kendra thinks his stuff may can kill him.

Olivier found out that her son is his son, he goes to see Samantha. She doesn’t want his son to know him. But if he wants, she doesn’t want him to tell anyone. But Felicity found out and upset and left him.

Oliver plans to attack Savage with 4 of them, he doesn’t want to risk other life. He, Flash, Kendra and Carter go to see Savage. But their plan failed, Carter and Kendra dead. Flash grab his stuff try to attack him, but he is too strong. Arrow tells him to run, Savage take his stuff back and destroy the city, Arrow dead in explosion.

Flash run away from it to the past, where they meet Savage at first time. After meeting Barry tell Oliver that their plan will failed.

Barry tells him what happen in future, he tells him this time they will do everything different. Cisco make Kendra remember her past, now she knows how to kill him. This time Arrow takes whole team to fight with him. They fight with him, Flash grab his stuff. Now their plan work, they destroy him.