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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 8 The Ten Commandments Killer

John backs to hotel, he asks Liz about man who Wren protect. Sally shows up and tells him she will show him where The Ten Commandments Killer is.

Sally takes him to his room, she tells him his room is where James died. She tells him where is the safe, he get in and see where killer collect body parts. Sally tells him he is the killer. He started to remember what he did.

John goes to see Andy at the morgue, he confess to him that he is The Ten Commandments Killer, he tells him 5 years ago he has been in the hotel. He met Donovan, he invited him to after-party.

He takes him to see James and Shanghaied, James interested in him and want to stay with him. They talk for 2 days, James asks Shanghaied to steal his son to make him desperate. She make him forget everything about it.

After he wakes up, he takes his family to the beach and lost his son. Then he starts to keep going back to hotel with James, he shows him his trophy room.

After he convinces John that true justices will not going to happen, he tells him the system is failed. He tricks him to kill one of his guest, he used to kill himself but James stop him.

James shows him his trophy from The Ten Commandments Killer, he tells him to finish his work. Since then he start to kill them, Andy still not believe him.

He kill him and get his part back to hotel, Iris tells him about Sally and Wren. Sally asks Wren to looks after him.

John tells James now he has very clear mind.