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Arrow Season 4 Episode 7 Brotherhood

At night Arrow’s team go to stop the ghosts from robbery, but seem their goal is to destroy the money.

Felicity asks Ray help form evidence from the ghost, they found it’s trace back to company. Arrow and team go to check it, they get the substance they use so they can use it to track down any ghost.

While get out, John found that one of the ghost is his brother. They plan to take him out of HIVE, but John doesn’t want to get him he think he’s dead.

Olivier has a campaign for police, Damian shows up and offer his finance support. But he wants him to reconsider his project about the bay, he threaten him.

Olivier tells John about bay, Felicity already check it very suspicious. He thinks they might find his brother there. They go there and found Damian is recruiting new people, but ghosts spot them. Olivier get injured, John blamed himself for that.

With Ray’s help, Felicity found the ghost’s base operation. They tells John that they plan to get his brother out,

Thea meets Damian, when he try to kill her with power it’s not work. She escapes out, Laureli gets Andy. Ray goes to help him out, they all get out safety.

Thea tells Malcom about Damian, she tells him that when he attacked her, her problem gone. Now she wants him to figure out how to make it permanent.

John goes to see his brother, he admit to him that his file about him is true. At day Olivier goes to open the campaign at the bay, Damian is there. He open his confrontation to him.