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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 7 Flicker

Will tells Lachlan that they will stay in hotel, he asks his worker to tear the whole floor down. They found hidden wall, they cut it and found another passage. They are killed by something inside.

Alexis takes John to hospital, he is here because he spots that the suspect is there. He try to find out who is him.

iris takes Shanghaied to see where worker get killed, Iris notices that she scared. Shanghaied tells her she has no idea what is in.

In 1926, Shanghaied meets Valentino, one night he invites her to diner. There she also meets Natasha, they tells her the plan to fake their divorce. And they need her for that.

In opening of hotel, Shanghaied meets James. She also found that Valentino is dead, while she try to suicide. James stop her.

She found out later that Valentino is not die, after that she married to James. One day Valentino and Natasha tells her that they need to leave her, he tells her that someone stalk them. He is the one who turn them, now they wants to turn her. James overheard their plans.

John knock down a guard and goes to see suspect, he found it’s a girl. She confess him that she is the one who behind the killer. She shows him who is him, but when they get out the hospital. She is hit by truck.

Valentino and Natasha are one who escape from the prison and kill workers, they start to blame Shanghaied.

Shanghaied tells James that she is going to marriage again, in past he is the one who captured Valentino and Natasha, he locked them in prison.