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Arrow Season 4 Episode 6 Lost Souls

Olivier found that Ray stills alive somewhere, she found him. He tells them he is stuck it some where small.

From his message, at his company there is machine to change it back to normal. She found the machine design that can bring him back, but she needs the specific part from their competitor.

Then her mother shows up, she tells her to go back to rest now she has an important thing to do. At night Arrow and them goes to get the part from that company, but they failed.

Felicity found that Ray is captured by Damian, she starts to freak out. She has fight with Olivier, he feels that she blame him for not help Ray on time.

Lances lure Damian out, John tailing him back to Ray. They found his building, they plan to resize Ray at field.

At night Arrow is knocked down by one of the guard, they chained him. Damian shows up, while his team breaks in city to help Ray.

Felicity and team gets him out, and they escape out safety. But Sara killed one of them while fight, she feels bad. She tells them she wants to leave for a while.