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Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 Haunted

Laureli found that Sara is escapes, at night she shows up to help waitress from attacked.

Thea introduces Olivier Alex, his new politic strategy to help him, he tells him that he has to separate from Laureli.

Laureli and Lances are at the crime scene that Sara killed 2 men, Laureli tells him she has to find her before them.

Felicity tells Olivier about incident at club, Arrow and Thea go to check. Laureli try to stop her, Olivier remember her. She escapes, he asks them what happen.

Lances tells Olivier about task that Damian, he has to break in the government facility. Olivier tells John to help him.

Olivier and Felicity found that Sara actually looking for Thea, she goes to attack her. She escapes, Olivier and Felicity see Thea at hospital. She stills OK.

Thea tells Laureli that if Sara killed her she will back to normal, at night Sara shows up to Thea again. But Olivier stop her before, she escapes again. Thea think she has connection with her, they can use her to lure her in.

Sara shows up, they captured her. Olivier knows Constantine for a long time ago, and he owned him a favor. He asks him to help Sara get her soul back, he will bring 2 people with him to get her back.

He warns him what ever lock her soul it might not be give up her easy, they get in the world. They heard her scream, they head to her and get her out.

Sara wakes up and become herself, Felicity found the message from Ray. He said that he is alive and in trouble.