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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 5 Room Service

After turn Alexis is hardly to control herself, one of her patient is not well. She decides to use her blood on him.

Donovan takes Iris to see Ramona, he tells her that Iris can be her inside man. She tells them she will know, but Donovan said she never look at her.

Alexis patient is better after get her blood, he drinks from his mother and goes to school. He gives his blood to his girlfriend, they kill teacher and they turn friends.

They attack the principle, but he survives and go through the infirmary. They locked down school, once police back all adults are dead. Police found their children in lock, they lie to police what happen.

John tells his Lieutenant about them but he doesn’t believe him. He fired him, he tells him nobody safe.

A couple come to check in, Iris has hard time to focus on them. They treat her like imbecile, then Shanghaied shows up. But she didn’t catch her.

That couple gives Iris hard time, Liz gives her help. He start to tells his story to her, he was the sale represent. One day he and his colleague comes to this hotel, while his friend go out. He is in hotel for room service.

One night he meets Shanghaied, she tells him that she smells him like a woman. She turns him to Liz, he tells her that she also strong.

Iris bring them their food they order, but they still keep upset her. Iris snapped and kill both of them.

John wakes up and found Sally beside him, she tells him that he dragged her here. He tells her he doesn’t remember.

Shanghaied let Holden to see Alexis, she tells her now she will have forever with him.