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Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 Beyond Redemption

Thea and Laureli agreed to not tells anything about Sara to Olivier, now they gathering at the his office. He announces to them that he will run for mayor.

He shows them also their new lair, they are surprise. Then they get alerts for 2 dead cops, Olivier goes to check with Lance.

He gives him the evidence, Arrow goes to check where they found it. They found hidden lair of polices, it seem who kill police is police. They found corrupt polices take down the drug gangs and sells it back. They use Thea’s connection to lure them out,

Laureli takes Lances to see Sara, he is shock. but Sara still not remember any of them. Olivier tells Lance about what he found, he tells his plan. Lance wants to be there to get them too.

At night they setup trap, the corrupt polices shows up. But they get the way out, Lance remember one of them. They plan to get him out.

Lances go to see Damian, he wants him to help Sara. He tells him nothing he can do if he is her father, he will put her in rest.

Olivier and Felicity found Damian and Lances meet together, he goes to ask him about it. He is so upset at him.

Lances is captured by corrupted police, Laureli found they taken him. But she is knocked down by them. They takes him to get the confiscate items. Felicity found them, Arrow and team go to stop them.

Arrow missed and get captured by one of them, Lances try to convinces her that the city is not beyond redemption. He convinces her.

Olivier wants Lances to be his inner man, they want someone get closed to Damian. Next day Olivier announces his mayor running.