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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 4 Devil’s Night

Ramirez checkin at hotel, at night he sneaks in the room and kill one of them. The other run out for help, James grab her.

John wakes up and found his ceiling cover wit blood, he goes up to check and found Evers cleaning it. They start to drinking together, Evers tells him her son is kidnapped and killed.

Alexis get Holden at home, while she gets him drink and come back. She found he kills and eats her dog. He tells her that he is not so well.

He takes her back to hotel, she saw what Scarlett told her. Shanghaied shows up, they have talks.  She took him because she see John neglect him, Alexis threaten her to change him back. She won’t, she threaten to call police.

John found out about Evers, he is freak out. He starts to get drink, he meets Aileen. He try to take her back room, she knocks him down. He wakes up and tied, but he breaks out and locked her up.

He try to call for backup but Liz tells him that James is very protective in his devil’s night, so he will found no one. Liz tells him that James also invited him at dinner.

He decides to go to dinner, he meets James. He won’t believe that he is a ghost, each of them start to introduce themselves. He found  that he is drugged, they bring the man in and kill him. Sally takes some one in and they start to kill him.

Sally wakes him up, he is at abandon room with no one. She tells him he is drugged now she takes him back his room.

Alexis comes back to Shanghaied, she turn her.