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Arrow Season 4 Episode 3 Restoration

At night John and Arrow work together to stop the ghost, but just them John thinks it’s not enough.

Thea and Laureli goes to Nanbat prabat to see Malcom and Nyssaa, they wants to revive Sarah. But they tell them that Sara is long dead, what come from pit will not be Sara.

John learned from Argus that Fayad is the one who order to kill his brother, she now come to city. She goes to see Damian, she come with hire mercenary he is hired to take care Arrow and team.

Felicity spots the robbery, Arrow goes out there alone because John is busy following Fayad. Arrow goes there and found it’s a stage. He meets the mercenary guy, they have fight and get injured.

Malcom tells Thea about Sage who lives in mountain, he may can help her. Felicity tells them this mercenary is meta-human called double down.

She wants them to clear their issue, John and Olivier discuss about once he tells him about Fayad. He shows him what he found in years about who killed his brother.

Fayad is killed by Damian, Felicity found the position of  her location. They go to check on her. They found her body, it’s a trap.

Malcome tells them that he may can help get Sara back for Thea, while Felicity and her new lab helper get following by Double down.

She tells him the truth about her work for Arrow, he following them down to the basement. She managed to hit him, he escapes. Olivier and John following him back.

Nyssaa try to stop them from revive Sara, but Laureli keeps go on. Sara get up from the well and start to attack. Malcome stop her.

Arrow and John stop Double Down from escaping, they send him to meta-human prison.

Nyssar destroyed the well to prevent him use it wrong way, now nobody will comes back.