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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 3 Mommy

Triston goes to see James, he tells him that he like to killed. James tells him to use his place well. Then Will shows up, he has plan to tear up whole floor to make room for him. He is upset when see Tristion, he tells him to leave before he call police. After left Triston tells James do not worry he will takes care of him.

Since Alexis lost Holden, she is not well herself. She and her family has the therapist session, Scarelett tells them what she saw with Holden.

Triston goes to see Will, he is checking plans of hotel. While he is going to kill him, Shanghaied shows up and stop him.

When arrive in hotel John found the junkie cover with blood, he died later in hospital. He tells him that Sally did this to him. He didn’t mean to kill other woman. He goes to see Sally, he thinks it’s her. He arrests her, but she disappear while they are in lift.

Donovan left hotel and wander around junkie, while he is going to attack a woman. She electrocute him and knock him in trunk.

Alexis shows up to John, she wants to divorce him. He is felling apart, he start to cried. He tells her he start to see thing, she gives him some sedate for sleep.

Triston interrupted Shanghaied and Will, he is very upset. She tells him about her finance, she tells him that she has to marry Will and takes everything before he died.

While Alexis gets out, she found dead girl in hallway. Then she spots Holden, she meets him.

Iris wants Sally to help her die, she is happy to help her. Donovan wakes up and found tie and drain his blood, she tells him that she was movie star, Ramona.

She once turn by Shanghaied, she loved her until one day she meet Mo. She loves him and try to turn him, but Shanghaied shows up and kill him.

Ramona tells him that she wants to use him to revenge her, but after he tells her that Shanghaied dump him few days ago, she release him.

Donovan realize that he wants his mother, but he found she dead. He revives her with his blood.