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Arrow Season 4 Episode 2 The Candidate

At night Arrow’s team go to stop ghosts from destroy the waste office. John tells them that it’s not well.

Felicity found that Palmer’s company is not well, they want her to fire some employee. But she won’t. But seem she has no choice.

Jessica tells Olivier and Thea that she wants to run the Mayor, next day while she announces. Shooter appear, Thea goes to get him but she found it’s a trap. Olivier following her and rescue her from a man.

Olivier goes to see Lance, he wants to help protect Jessica . But he doesn’t want any mask hero around city.

Felicity found where is the guy who try to assassinate Jessica, they go to see him at old mill. Thea has her aggressive again, once they back Olivier tell them about the pit. Malcom warns him when people come out the pit they are different.

Jessica found that her daughter is kidnapped, Olivier tells Lance that it’s Machin. He meets with Damian, he upsets the method he used.

Thea tells Laureli what happen to her, she knows now why Olivier done. Lances goes to see Damian about Jessica’s daughter, he gives him her address. He calls Olivier about it.

Arrow and team go to get her back, Machin disappear. He knock down Thea, and fight with Arrow. Thea get up and almost kill him.

Felicity changed her mind about fire employee, she tells the board the plan to bring company back.

Laureli plans to take Thea back to Nanda Parbat to fixed her problem, but she said it’s not only just for her. Machin don’t make it to hospital. Olivier tells Felicity that he is going to run for mayor.