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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 2 Chutes and Ladders

While Sally is put the junkie in her bed, one of tourist is yell for help. She went down to warn Iris that there is a cop here. Iris tells her that now she is dead. They dump her in garbage.

Iris takes the blood from children and serve to Shanghaied. Donovan tells her that he was a junkie to escape from his mother. She asks him to go the art opening with her for hunt. But he doesn’t wants to, she goes out alone.

John wake up at night, he starts to see something strange in his room. Then he see 2 dead in his bathroom, he awake again and see Holden. He run after him, but lost him again.

At his office, hotel send him the package. He tells the other to evacuate, he thinks it’s the killer send it to him. But it’s not bomb, they found the statue cover with blood.

Will makes the party at hotel, he invites John and Scarlet in party. Sally try to get in party but she is not in the list, she is throw out. They throw out the fashion show in hotel.

During the show, Lachlan get Scarlet out. He shows her his secret place, there are 4 glass coffin. One of them is Holden’s coffin. Scarlet remember him.

After fashion show one of the modeling goes to see Shanghaied, before Donovan kill him she stop him. He takes lift down but it’s stop at 7th, he wandered around and end up in room. He start to looting and he meet James

He takes the prostitute in and give him the gun, he wants him to shoot her. But he won’t, he shoots her. He freak out and run off, he found Shanghaied in the lift.

Scarlett backs to hotel to see Holden but she found empty coffin, she wandering to find him. She meets him in play room, he is waiting her. She try to takes him home but he doesn’t want. She takes his picture with her and left.

She back home and found that her parent is looking for her, she tells them about Holden. But they don’t believe her, John found she takes picture with someone.

Shanghaied turn Triston to like her, she tells him about her past. Donovan shows up, Shanghaied tells him she wants to end with him.

John rush back to hotel and ask Iris what happen here, she starts to tell him story of the hotel. Builder James, he build he hotel with secret chutes, room, hallway with no exit. He made a lot of people missing in his hotel, one day polices found about him and going to arrest him. He killed himself.

John doesn’t believes her, once back to office he start to check about James. He tells his partner that someone try to finish what James did.

Triston invites his rival to hotel, he kills him.