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Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 Green Arrow

Olivier and Felicity are happily live together, they have a life with peace. At night black canary and speedy are following the robbers. John shows up. but their back up help them escape. They are ghosts, Laurel tells John that they should call Olivier but John doesn’t agree.

At city office, the city managers wants Lance to do better to stop ghosts. .. shows up, he tells them he controls the ghosts. He tells them to say good bye to their lovers. His ghosts will take care them.

District Attorney is poisoned and dead, Laureli thinks they are target all city leader. John goes to see head of city’s security, while she will goes to warn Lance.

Lance’s office is attacked, John is too late head of city’s security is dying. Speedy failed to rescue one of leader. Canary help Lance before they kill him.

One night, Olivier try to propose Felicity but Laureli and Thea shows up and asks for his help. They explain him what happen and ghosts.

Olivier and Felicity go back to city, they found their city is dying. John is not welcome Olivier when he saw him, Felicity tells them they have bigger problem now. She found that ghosts now get the bomb that danger than nuclear.

Olivier found out that Felicity works with his team for long time, he is upset on her. She found where the bomb is, he calls team and go to check it.

They found the ghosts, they found their leader has ability to kill people. Olivier tells them to attack. Their leader escape, Olivier get information from one of them. He tells him that they are going to destroy the station.

Olivier tells them that ghosts leader is mystical. Now they have to focus on finding bomb, they go to station to check. But they found nothing there at station, Felicity thinks the bomb is on the train.

Arrow and team try to stop the train, Speedy goes to warn people at station. Arrow gets in the train, he goes to see the ghosts leader. He tells him he is Damian. He has power to stop his arrow, he almost kill him but John shows up and stop him.

Damian is disappear, Arrow tells John they have to destroy the train. After that Olivier broadcast to all channel introduce himself as “Green Arrow”

At night Lance goes to see Damian he was working for Hive. He wants to know who is Green Arrow.