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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 1 Checking In

2 tourists Aggie and Vandel just arrive at hotel, they are checking in at reservation. They made wrong reservation. they tells receptionist that they want refund. But they don’t refund, they have no choice but stay.

One of them while she goes to get the ice, she meet 2 children but they disappear. She feels someone is behind her.

They found that their room get smells, they want to change but no room available. They found smell come from their bed, they found someone in there.

Receptionist changed them to another room, after wake up from a rest … found Aggie is missing. She found her is eaten by 2 children in bathroom.

Next day detective John goes to see crime scene of couple are killed in their room. A man still alive but tortured.

After work, John gets the called from murderer he tells him that he upset because he didn’t pick his phone, he will kill again.

A man comes to get room at hotel, he gets room 64. Sally tells Iris the receptionist that she feels something about him. After he gets in room, he uses the drug and he start to see thing. He also gets tortured by strange man.

John shows up in hotel, he wants to check the room 64. Iris asks Liz her assistant to take him there.

Sally shows up and tells him that if he tells her that he love her, he will goes away. He did and he pass away.

Liz takes John to the room, he is looking in room and found nothing. He fell asleep in room, he wakes up and see a child. He try to following her but he lost.

At night Donovan and Shanghaied take a couples get in hotel, they kill them and drink the other blood. After done, they call housekeeper.

Iris brings something to 2 tourists to eat, Sally shows up. She releases one of them and tell her to run. She run out to the hall, Iris try to stop her. But Shanghaied shows up and kill her.

At night John takes his daughter out for sushi, he gets the call from his wife for help. He rush back to house, police is there. He gets in the house and leave his daughter with police. But he is lure out, his daughter get in the crime scene and see bodies. John heard her scream and rush to her.

In 2010 John with his family are at circus, he takes his son Holden to one of machine but he didn’t look at him for second. His son is missing.

He tells his wife that they should move out, she is not agree. She tells him she never blame him for missing of their son.

Lachlan and his father Will with realtor, come in hotel to show them to stay. They tells Iris that he is the new owner. She takes them to penthouse, they found Donovan naked in the room. Will and Shanghaied know each other, she tells Donovan to shows him the room.

She takes Lachlan to see the hidden room with children. One of them is Holden, he asks him to play with.

In 1994, Iris is looking for her son Jonathan. She found him with Sally at the hotel, she following him in. She found him with Sally drugged, but he died from overdose. Sally is push out of window by Iris, she met Shanghaied with Donovan.

John decides to move in the hotel in room 64.