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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 8 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Stefan explains plan to Enzo, they are going to get his blood and let Beau, Marry and Nora unlink them and they will kill him.

Enzo doesn’t think they will help them, Valerie tells them she will make them switch side. She tells them she will use the truth

Enzo try to convinces Lily to escapes with him, but she said she can’t. She goes back and found Julian throw them the party and feed them, she is upset.

Caroline tells Stefan about her pregnant, after tells him. He feels uncomfortable at all. He tells her he need to get to Julian.

Julian try to convinces Lily to abandon her sons, Lily convinces him that she is on his side. Valerie goes to see Nora and Marry, she tells them about her truth. Lily also shows up, they convinces them that Julian built them as his army. Beau believes them, Nora also. But Mary hesitate, but at end she agreed.

Stefan and Damon go to see Julian, they start to attack him and knock him down. Stefan get his blood to Lily, he tells her about Caroline’s pregnant.

Mary shows up knocks down Damon and Valerie, she rescues Julian out. Lily found that Damon and Valerie is captured by Julian, he tells her to choose.

Lily decides to choose them both, she stab herself. Stefan and Nora gets in, Julian escapes.

Seem nothing they can do for her, Stefan tells them to say good bye to her. But Damon didn’t.