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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 13 For Whom the Spell Tolls

King release Ingrid from his discipline, he tells her that she is pregnant. Wendy and Freya have the plan what they have to do, they go to see the man who make the box.

Joanna is drugged by Tarkoff, he tells her that he has another way to goes back without door.

King tells Ingrid  that he is here to get their power back, he already took her. Frederic shows up and sneaks on king. But he failed.

Ingrid wakes him up and takes him to see Dash, she tells him his spell book might has way to defeat King. Dash tells them that his book is gone. Frederic tells them as he already read it, he can get it out from him.

Freya found Tarkoff and his drug, she and Poe are following him. Joanna try to escape but failed, Wendy found her. She knocks him down before he put the last dose, she help her out and get the box.

The man who built the box gives messages from Wendy and Freya to Ingrid, he got it from the past. Freya see that Tarkoff still after them, Ingrid open the door for them. Tarkoff make the box fell, he lets the damon out. But they shut the door before he comes though.

Wendy is taken by King, he is going to kill her. Ingrid tells them about spell might stop him, she tells them they have unique power that why King wants their power. Joanna, Freya and Ingrid shows up, they cast spell on him together.

They success to kill him, Wendy found that Tommy dead. Frey and Ingrid go back to see Killian. They are too late, he is dead. Freya is so sad, but after she kiss him. He awake.

Ingrid found that Dash is arrested, Frederic is killed by someone. Wendy decides to give Tommy her life.

Dash use spells to transfer his spirit to Killian’s body. He tells him that this spell is undetectable.