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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 7 Mommie Dearest

Caroline checked about her pregnancy, Stefan tells Damon about plan to get more ally. He invited Lily at their place, he tells her about Valerie’s pregnant.

But Lily thinks that Valerie lies to them, Stefan tricks her to drink concentrate vervain. She knocked out.

Matt tells Caroline about what Bonnie and Enzo found, he found the compelled people in the grill too. Caroline thinks may be they can use Valerie to help them.

Bonnie and Enzo go to get the item Julian’s want. They found a big knife, Enzo plans to try it on him.

Lily wakes up and tied, they tell her that they think Julian is corrupt her mind. They try to convinces her.

Enzo goes to see Julian, he goes to dare him outside. They have a fight in wood, Stefan and Damon found out that she bound Lily live to Julian to protect him. After Julian see his knife with Enzo, he escapes.

Beau shows up, Valerie try to convinces him but he attack her. Matt give her a chance, she make them hide and escape.

Damon goes to stop Enzo and Julian, but he attacked him. Damon stabbed him with the knife, Stefan found Lily is injured.

Bonnie found the knife that they found, but she found the knife is not for killed. Julian gets up again and attack both of them.

Valerie tells Caroline that she used that spell to help her baby, Caroline learned that her secret is about her baby.

Lilly and Stefan stop Julian to kill Damon, he tells her that Damon know that if he died. She will, but he still did. She upset him and leave. At night she knows the truth from Julian’s response when she asks him about Valerie’s baby.

Caroline goes to check in hospital, doctor confirm to them that she has no twins. Valerie shows up and remove cloak spell from them, now they see them.

Lily shows up to see Stefan and Damon, she tells them about her plan.