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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 12 Box to the Future

Killan takes the poison from Warlock, it starts to burn him out. He starts to has vision about Freya but he isn’t well, he called Ingrid for help.

Frederic tells King about Ingrid’s doubt, he tells him he has to increase his power. Wendy tells Freya that she lost the key to back home.

Joanna feels that someone following her, it’s Tarkoff that king send to get her. Ingrid found Killian, she gives him temporary potion to help him.

King go to see Dash, he wants him to work with him again like in past. If he is, he will get rewarded. He tells this to Ingrid, she tells him that they need to bring back burned spell book.

Joanna goes to get the box from herself, but on the way back Tarkoff shows up and get her box.

Wendy and Freya found the key but Wendy from the past get it, they are following her. Dash and Ingrid get his burn book back, he tells her that she should left his book there. To prevent King found it.

Joanna tells Wendy and Freya about Tarkoff,¬†they didn’t tell her about the key. Joanna goes after him again, he tells her that they should work together to kill King. She refused her, he knock her down.

Wendy tells Freya to make Poe get the key from herself, after get it they goes to see Joanna. But they found the door is gone.

Ingrid is captured by King, he knows that she did has some plan. Killian keeps awaken and wait for Ingrid.

Joanna wakes up and found Tarkoff, he drugged her. He try to make her love him.