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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 6 Best Served Cold

Caroline found Stefan sleeping and has nightmare, she also see Valerie. He explains her the whole situation. Valerie tells them she needs to get out as far as possible, he is in stone for long time he will become crazy.

Lily send them the letter to invite them to celebrate of Julian coming back, Stefan tells Damon that he plans to kill Julian tonight.

Damon shows up at the party too, he try to stop Stefan. Julian shows up to them, Matt, Enzo and Bonnie also shows up.

Alaric found that Jo is sick, Valerie thinks because Jo get the vampire soul that not match with vampire.

While in party Enzo found out that Julian wants something from Oscar’s car. He wants to get it first, he try to flirt with Bonnie to make Lily jealous.

Stefan and Matt tricks Damon and knock him down, he goes after Julian. But Lily shows up and stop him, Julian after recovery. He snapped, he beats down both of them. Lily stop him before kill them.

Matt and Bonnie follow one of the guest they found he acts strange, they found a lot of students. They are compelled to be here.

Valerie found something in Alaric’s wedding video, she tells them that Jo’s babies still alive. She help them find them, they found they are in Caroline.

Damon asks Stefan why he is so obsess on Julian, he tells him about his baby. He tells him he wants to kill him now. Damon tells him he will help.

Lily tells Julian not to hurt her children, he tells her that they will strike him again. He needs family to protect him, Lily agreed.