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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 11 Poe Way Out

Joanna tells them not to worry about Ingrid, King would not hurt her. King tells Ingrid that his vessel will not last, he tells her he need to rest.

Joanna tells them she wants to get the weapon, the one that she used to kill her. Raven goes to see Dash, she is a FBI. She is investigating about body that appear lately in town. Dash try to destroy evidence from the body, so no one can track to him.

Joanna and them go to their place in past, they see Joanna and Wendy from the past. The warlock tells Killian there is a way to break his cycle with Freya, they said it’s for next live. They said it will cost his life.

Joanna and Wendy tells Freya why they have to killed her, it’s begin when Freya first met Edgar Alan Poe. She gives him the fortune teller, they are in love.

Freya tells Poe that she is witch, they are so happy until one day they fall apart. Poe starts to has no imagination, Freya contact spirit to talk with them. They summon the devil in her body, she tells him they are sinner and she will get rid them. Poe cast her out,

King goes out at night to find ingredient to prepare for Joanna’s return, he getting a woman heart.

Poe tells Wendy about Freya and what they did with Ambrose, she tells Ingrid and him she will takes care Freya.

She found her but she is attacked and get killed by her. Ingrid found her body, she goes to see Joanna about Freya. She tells her she knows someone who can stop her. He shows them the box that can rip out spirit and host.

Ingrid tells King that she wants to back with Asgard with him, he is so happy. He send tarkoff to do something for him.

Ingrid and Joanna cast spell to lure Freya back, she shows up. But she tells them Freya is gone, after that Another Freya is shows up. She takes the box out.

Joanna tells them that she plans to get the box and use it to the King.