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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 5 Live Through This

Damon shows up and asks Stefan and Caroline about Valerie, after Jo wakes up she is so hungry. Oscar stills so hungry, Lily and them left him with Enzo to get Julian.

Damon and Stefan shows up to valerie, he tells her to explains him about Julian. They decided to help her stop Julian for come back. She tells them that Julian is dead long times ago.

Seems Jo doesn’t remember anything, Bonnie goes to see Oscar. She also found Enzo, Oscar tells her that she let him out from the stone.

Valerie takes them to get Julian’s body, she tells them that to get him back to his body she need phoenix stone. She tells them it contains old sold of vampires, and they just put one of them in their body.

Damon warns Bonnie about it, he also needs her to warns Alaric. Bonnie and Enzo found out that the vampire in Oscar’s body can use magic too. They run.

Jo remember that she is stabbed in the heart, she left him. Stefan and them found Julian’s body, she burn him but it’s not work. They see Nora and Marry, Lily and Beau also shows up.

Lily thinks that Valelie tell them all, but Damon asks her what is she hiding. She tells him that he is her love, Valelie tells them it’s Lily who make Kai put Elena in coma.

Damon try to attack her but Beau stop them, Bonnie tells Enzo about stone. Julian’s soul is inside it. Enzo kill him and keep the stone.

Valerie tells Stefan the truth about Julian and her pregnant, he is sad. Enzo asks her to choose between him and Julian, but Lily still choose Julian.

Bonnie finally decides to tell Alaric about Jo’s body, but he won’t believe her. He found her, she tells him that she is not herself. He tells her that he will help her figure out who she is.

Stefan tells Valarie that he will killed Julian by himself, Lily and them are riving Julian. Bonnie found from Damon that Lily is the one who make Elena sleep. They plans to kill Julian cruelty.