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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 10 The Fall of the House of Beauchamp

Dash and Killan wake up after fight, Killian decided not to kill Dash. Joanna and Wendy make funeral for her daughters. They are thinking the way to help them, but there is not.

Frederic goes to see Kilian, he tells him he is the one who make him on this dark path, he tells him what happen to her is his fault. They have fight.

Killian goes to see Freya and found she dead, Wendy found Joanna try to suicide. But she rescued her.

Killian tells Dash that Ingrid and Freya are dead, he is shocks. Wendy goes to get Frederic, she tells him about Joanna suicide.

She tells him that they need to bring the King back to get them back, Frederic warns her that he might not help them. She said they have no choice.

They go to see Tarkoff and Tommy, Tarkoff is there waiting for them. Killian found the message from Eva, he following there to see what is it. He found a warlock is saving the girl, he also aware who he is.

Tarkoff agreed to work with Wendy and Frederic to bring back king, king is wake up. He punish Tarkoff for killed his grand daughter.

Wendy and Frederic take the king to see Joanna, she is upset. King tells them that he is her to bring family together. He brings back them alive.

He tells them he wants them to be with him, Killian found Eva’s grand grand daughter. Frederic try to convince Joanna that king has change,

Joanna tells them about key to the past, she tells them she needs to get it back. But Ingrid said she wants to stay, after they left King shows up.