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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 4 I Carry Your Heart with Me

Lily tells Damon that she is going to make exchange, do not harm Oscar. But Damon found out that Oscar is dead.

Damon tells this to Stefan, he tells him to take care himself. Lily tells Valery that she is ok if she love Stefan.

Lily sent Nora and Mary to find Oscar, but Damon and Stefan are going to get rid of his body. They can avoid her, and they left. Then they get message from Nora that if Oscar doesn’t return, student will start to die.

Caroline and Stefan plan to trick Nora and Mary to gather all student at same place for dance, so it’s easy to take care them. While Damon fix problem about Oscar.

Both of them try to make Nora and Marie takes out Valerie’s magic, but they afraid of her.

Alaric and Bonnie are going to use phoenix stone on Jo, but Damon shows up and wants them to bring Oscar back.

Enzo tells Valery that he found out she goes to the college where Oscar was there too. She tells him the truth about Oscar, she tells him about Julian and Lily.

Nora and Marry has a fight, they are separating. Finally Bonnie revives Oscar, Now Bonnie is going to do for Jo.

Enzo asks Lily about Julian, she tells him that he is her love. Stefan tells Marry now their work is done, he tricks her and knocks her down. He lure Nora in and make her fixed Caroline.

While Damon takes Oscar to see Lily, he jumps out the car and he lost him. Matt found the body on the way, Damon tells him about Oscar. They are looking for him.

Lily found Oscar is feeding on tourist, before he attack Lily. Damon shows up and stop him, he asks her about Elena.

After Nora wakes up, Marry and Nora are get back together. Matt found Valery alone, Enzo shows up.  He wants to help her stop Julian back.

Bonnie bring Jo back, Damon sent Elena out with Tyler to safe place.