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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 9 Smells Like King Spirit

Frederic changes his mind during to test that Caroline is the king’s host, Tarkoff punish him. He goes back to Joanna for help.

Freya tells Ingrid about her and Killian, she tells her that Eva is a witch. She think she mess up his mind.

Wendy found from Joanna that Frederic is attacked by Tarkoff. He tells them that he worked with the king, he can’t kill him but he thinks Joanna can. Tommy while sneaks out the house, Tarkoff gets him.

Freya sneaks in Eva’s house to find what is he doing to Killian. She found her potion and get back home.

Dash goes to see Ingrid, he shows him her old picture with Archibald’s diary. He wrote about her, Ingrid explains him about herself.

Joanna send Frederic and Freya to find the Tarkoff, they appear at the abandon hospital. They found that he gets Tommy, Freya overheard him said that Frederic has King’s spirit. She rush back to home and tells them.

Joanna paralyses Frederic, he tells her the truth but they won’t believes him. They left him there.

Ingrid tells Dash about her and his grandfather in another life, she tells him they must be sure that they won’t repeat old path.

Tarkoff found that Tommy is a good host, Freya and Killian back to see Eva. They found her in old age, she tells him if she pregnant with warlock and has a child before her current child die. She will stay powerful and young, but now her daughter is died. He asks Freya to help her. But she can’t help her, she died.

Joanna and Wendy goes to get Tommy back from Tarkoff, But they are late Tommy and him gone. Joanna calls him to meet with him.

Tarkoff kidnapped Ingrid and lure Freya to see him. They both captured by him, Killian tells what happen to Dash. Dash then confess his action to him, Killian is angry. They start to fight.

Joanna and Wendy goes to see Takroff, he tells them he always loyal to the king. He tells them once king return, he will get her as reward. She try to attack him but failed, he escapes.

Tarkoff shows up at house to find Frederic, he sneaks up and kill him. He tells him he will kill the host and will kill himself.

Joanna and Wendy back home and found Frederic, he tells her about the garden that Tarkoff left it for them. They go to see and found Freya and Ingrid death.