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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 3 Age of Innocence

Bonnie keeps see vision and pass out, she asks Alaric about it but he lies to her that he did destroy it.

Stefan tells Lily that he didn’t speaks with Damon for while, he wants them to stop tortured Caroline. He asks her about Valerie, she tells him that she send her to him.

Valerie tells Caroline that she is her first love, she meets him long time ago while she is not vampire. She was a witch without power, they fall in love.

Damon, Bonnie and Alaric plan to capture Osca. But they found out that Osca know him, in past Lily send him to check on him if he’s ok.

Bonnie wants him to takes out her vision, he agreed but he found out it’s about phoenix stone. He knocks all of them down. After wake up, Alaric found that his stone is missing. Bonnie upsets when she found that Damon also know.

Valerie tells Caroline about her plans to go back with Stefan but she is stopped by Julian. He knows about her baby with Stefan.

Damon following Osca, he remembered him that he save his life from war. He tells him he doesn’t want to be part of Lily. 3 of them knocks him down.

Lily decides to let Caroline out, for Stefan honestly. Valerie meets Stefan where he waited her in past that she never show up. She tells him everything that happen, but she didn’t show herself.

Damon tells Lily about Osca, he wants to exchange him and Elena. Caroline shows up to Stefan.

Valery found Osca, she knows that Lily send him to find Julian. She asks if he found him, he said he found him but he didn’t tell anyone. She killed him, she doesn’t want him to come back to Lily.