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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 8 Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake

In wood, Tarkoff and Frederic testing new host for king, but they still didn’t found him. Tarkoff thinks they need to find someone that trust him.

It’s Freya and Frederic birthday, Joanna plans to throw them party. Ingrid goes to see Dash, Eva tells her grandmother that Dash is still loves Freya. She still not pregnant, she has to give him stronger spell.

Tommy accidentally see Wendy transform from Cat to human, he is freaks out. She tells him that she is a witch but he still freaks out and left her. She tells Joanna about Tommy, she tells her she should make him forget.

Tonight Frederic tells Tarkoff that he can’t do it tonight, he tortured him. He get chance and stabbed him down.

Freya has birthday party at Killians’s bar, she tells Ingrid that Killian flirting with her. Frederic shows up in bar, he tells Killian that he remembered him from Asgard and he dislike him. He tells him to stay away from Freya.

Tommy shows up to see Wendy at party, he seems get over it. Killian talks to Freya in private, he tells her that he loves her. She tells him that they are star-crossed, they will never be together.

Frederic found Tarkoff still alive, he tells him to work together with him. He tells him that he knows someone who trust him, he goes to see Joanna.

Dash comes to see Ingrid, he wants to sorry her. He wants to go out with her. Killian following Freya to home, she explains him her curse. But finally they make out. Wendy shows Tommy her magic, he is impressed and they also make out.

Killian tells Freya that he doesn’t care about star crossed, they will make through it together.

Ingrid accidentally see Kyle’s blackmail email to him, she asks him what happen. She thinks he killed them to cover his problem. Ingrid breaks up with him.

Killian tells Eva that he wants to break up with her, Wendy tells Tommy that she needs him to stop see her but he won’t give her up.

Frederic is going to use his girl friend as King’s host.