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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 2 Never Let Me Go

Caroline get informed that her fiance wants to go back to Mystic fall, she is upset. At night teenagers sneak in Mystic fall to check the story. They are attacked by Nora and Valarie, Matt shows up and stop them. But he is knocked out, he wakes up at morning.

Alaric tells his students not to goes to Mystic Fall. Alaric tells Bonnie about phoenix’s stone, she found something evil in the stone. She tells him to destroy that stone.

Stefan is looking for Caroline. But he meets Beau and Lily, they want to know who killed Malcom. He tells them he has no idea,

Enzo takes Caroline to Lily, she try to escapes but Nora and Mary stop her. Stefan goes to see Damon and asks him about Malcom, he tells him Lily get Caroline. He tells Damon to fix it.

Damon goes to see Lily, but she won’t agreed to let Caroline out. He tells Stefan that he is failed, he tells Bonnie about it. He wants her to help him get in his house to get Caroline out.

She goes to see Matt, she wants to use magic to stop his heart. He agreed to help them, Damon and Stefan get in the house to get her out. Bonnie while try to revive him back, she unconscious. But she did it on time after wake up.

While Alaric is going to destroy stone, he changes his mind. Damon shows up at house, Enzo tells him that Lily is going to bury Malcom in same grave as Elena. Damon goes there to stop them, but too late. She is gone.

Stefan found Caroline but he found that Valery make her skin as vervain, he can’t touch her. While they try to get out, they are pulling out from each other.

Stefan found out about Damon’s deal with Lily, she wants him to leave town. Now they are very upset, Damon tells him the plan to tricks Lily. He is going to find Osca and get them back.

Alaric lie to Bonnie, he uses the stone on body. That body start to move, he found that stone works.

Enzo tells Lily that he is here for her not for them, she is surprised. Nora shows Stefan’s journal to Caroline. She tells her that Valery is the worst of them.