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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 7 Art of Darkness

Joanna found Frederic has seizure again, after wake up he introduces her his girlfriend. Joanna is upset because seem Wendy already know about this.

Dash invites Ingrid on art party, Frederic meets Tarkoff. He tells him he is here to help him to get the King back. They are on mission to find host for the king spirit, he wants him to put weak potion in Joanna’s drink

Freya found that Wendy get invitation to art party, she wants her to take her with her. Wendy agree.

Aya’s magic is wear off, Killian start to see her true form. Someone warns him not to trust her. He found it’s himself who warn him about her.

Freya found out the owner of Art party is Wendy’s husband. They try to leave the party, he try to get Wendy back. At diner Frederic found out that his mother’s lover is Tarkoff.

Tarkoff try to get chance for Frederic to drugged Joanna, at party father of one that Dash killed shows up to him. He suspects of him, he threaten to found out.

Frederic changes his mind and stop drugged her, Eva comes back and found out that Killian is looking for something. He confronts her, she knocks him down and drugged him more.

Dash tells Ingrid that he has an urgent call he will back, he goes after him and kill him with magic.

Wendy tells Ronan that she is with someone else, he tells him that he needs her hair. He put her hair in painting and that make people like it, now he wants more.

Tarkoff with the knife, he goes to see Joanna. He sneaks out few of her hair, he goes to see Frederic. He tells him he will do necessary to make plan work, Frederic tells him he will kill himself if he try to harm his family.