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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 6 When a Mandragora Loves a Woman

Joanna try to find the way how to separate Ingrid from Mandragora, but they have no idea how to save Ingrid. Alexis think Dash’s family spell book might has it, Freya tells them that Dash and Killian found that book.

They are looking for Ingrid, at library they found Hudson with King’s mark. Freya goes to get help from Dash for Ingrid, Joanna and Alexis found Ingrid. They put the potion to separate her from Mandragora.

Ingrid wakes up, they tell her to run home. Mandragora shows up, Alexis try to shoot it but she failed.

Since Killian found that he has power to read people mind, he tells it to Eva. She tells him that he should try to take control it.

Alexis is attacked by Mandragora, Joanna found her and she is attacked also. Dash refuse to help Freya, he chase her out. She hiding from him in his attic, she found the spell book. Dash gets in and attack her, she try to escape.

Joanna and Alexis wake up, they found they feel fine. But they found out that they can’t get out the library. They start to argue and fight each other.

While they are cooking potion to kill Mandragora, Dash and Freya come in. Then Ingrid found out that Mandragora is coming to her.

They put the oil on her and they will set fire, once it gone the connection will broken. Wendy and Frederic go to stall him before they are finish, after finish Ingrid feels no connection anymore.

Frederic rescues Wendy from Mandragora, he killed it. Joanna and Alexis feels that Mandragora is gone, they go back home.

Frederic get seizure again, he murmur that he’s sorry but he will find another way.