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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 22 I’m Thinking of You All the While

After the attacked, Damon try to help Elena, Alaric try to help Jo. Kai’s father try to fight him back, his coven try to put him back in prison again.

Kai killed himself, he try to kill them all. Damon takes Elena to hospital, he tells Bonnie what happen to Jo, Elena.

Stefan and Caroline wake up in Enzo’s car, he tells them they have bigger problem to deal with. He tells them Kai is dead so along with all Coven, he takes them to see Lily.

Stefan sees she is looking for her family, Stefan thinks Kai tricked her. Liv found Tyler is bad injured, she tells him to turn to safe his life. She makes him kill her, he tells Matt to warn all vampires friend to stay away from him.

Stefan found that Kai get Lily’s blood, Kai is wakes up and feed on his father. Alaric found that Kai still alive, Tyler shows up and bite him. After Tyler attacked, he left.

Matt goes to see Bonnie, she shows him message from Kai. He goes to ask Damon what happen to him, he tells him he can gives him a cure exchange for fixed Elena. He tells him about Bonnie and Elena, if she died Elena will wake up. But he said if he killed her, she will probably never talk to him anymore.

Bonnie goes to see Kai, she try to makes him undo spell but he said he can’t. Kai found the way to stop werewolves bite by syphon its magic, he knocks down her.

Damon found Bonnie and Kai, she is dying. He try to make him kill her, Damon left her there. Then Damon shows up again from his back and cut his head out, he help Bonnie out.

Next day they gathering to see Elena in her mind, she is going say good bye them. Enzo and Lily found her family.