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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 5 Boogie Knights

Ingrid wakes Freya up from her good dream, she tells her that she use magic to revisit her life. Ingrid tells her it’s a bad idea, she wants her promise to throw it away.

Joanna found that it’s Mandragora that keep kill people in town, Frederic tells them his grandfather found the way to control them. He think it sent to come after him, now they need to find it and kill it.

Killian tells Freya that he knows she is a witch and he upsets that she didn’t tell him. She back to use her magic to get goods feeling.

Dash uses his power to revive his dead patient, he is surprise what he can do. Joanna and Wendy are go to see one that can fight Mandragora.

They go to see Alexis, she tells her about portal and Mandragora. But she upsets to her and doesn’t want to help. But later she changes her mind and come to help them, she asks if she found its mate. It needs to feed to alive, if they kill one of them the other will die.

Ingrid found that Dash use magic to revive his death patient, she tells him that he remove death from him to himself. He is going to die, she tells him to return his death.

They plan to trap its with magic, once it shows up they will find it. Wendy asks Alexis what happen between them, but then their trap is activated. Alex and Joanna rush out.

Dash can’t return it to his patient, but that night he found the criminal enter hospital. He decides to give it to him, that night he didn’t tells Ingrid that he gave it to someone else. She asks him to watch her sleep.

Joanna and Alexis found it’s cave, Joanna found Ingrid’s stuff in its cave. She know that Ingrid is its mate, she stops Alexis before she kill it.

It goes to attack Dash with Ingrid’s help, Joanna and Alexis following it to Dash’s house. They found Ingrid disappear with it.