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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 21 I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime

Bonnie has a nightmare about Lily and Kai, after Elena wakes her up to help Jo on marriage. Caroline shows up to help.

As Damon decided to be human, Stefan takes him out somewhere. He shows him his house while he escapes.

Enzo shows up to gives Lily the song, Bonnie takes it to her. She try to grabbed her but she escapes.

Liv shows up to see Tyler, but instead of talks good they fight. Bonnie tells Matt about her dream, he tells her they should do something.

Stefan is on duty from Elena to push Demon through what he will gets, after hangup with him. She found Jo, she suddenly unconscious.

Stefan try to show Demon what will happen next, what if they fight, or what if she died. He starts to think about it.

Matt and Bonnie are going to get rid Lily, but they found she is missing. Then they start to can’t breath, they pass out.

Enzo found Lily outside, she tells him that now she gets back her family. Jo’s father also shows up at her wedding, he wants to walk her to aisle.

Stefan has chances to talk with Caroline, she said she stills need the control of her life, Damon shows up to Elena. He tells her that he will takes it, he wants to take a chance.

Matt wakes up and found Bonnie bleed, she tells him that it’s was Kai. Lily takes Enzo to meet her family, but they found no one. She tells him it’s not them who give her address.

Jo start her wedding, while it’s going they found she start to bleeding. It’s Kai, he shows up invisible and stabbed her. And he destroy the wedding.