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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 4 The Brothers Grimoire

Dash asks Killian what happen to him, he said he doesn’t remember. Now they have to meet their lawyer, he gives them what their mother left for them. She wanted them to open it together.

The found ancient puzzle, when both of them touch it. It’s open, in side there is a word. Killian tells him about Eva, Dash tells him that Ingrid’s family too.

Victor is captured by King’s hunters, Ivar and Issie. They wants to know where is the key to portal. They tortured him.

They go to see Frederic and Freya, they are old friend of them in old life. Frederic feels uncomfortable. Ivar shows him his father torture by them, Issie goes to see Freya and knock her down.

Dash and Killian following the trail from the box and found hidden place in house, inside they found their family Grimoire. Killian says they should try one of them, they try but only Dash is ok, Killian is in trouble. Dash call Freya to get her help,

Ivar starts to attack Frederic, he wants him to open the portal. Frederic tells him he won’t, he tells him that they have Freya too.

Joanna found Frederic is stealing portal key, he tells her what happen to Victor and Freya. She wants him to stay safe, she call Wendy for help.

Ingrid sleeps again and walks in wood, she goes to meet that beast again. Freya wakes up and found tied with her father. Joanna shows up and chase her out, but before left she tricked the spell to kill them.

Ingrid wakes up again and found she is no where, she rush back to see Dash. She heal Killian from injured, she found that their spell is not protect them but takes another organ from other and put to the other. She help them fixed their spell.

Frederic gives Ivar the key, but instead he call snake to get him. He knocks him down and killed him.

Victor tells Joanna to switch him and Freya, he can’t live anymore. He asks them to leave before spell works.

Dash found that Ingrid injured, he found she has no idea. Frederic found that Victor is dead, Joanna tells him and very sad.