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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 20¬†I’d Leave My Happy Home for You

Alaric found someone at his house, he is kidnapped by Damon and them for bachelor party. Same for Elena and Bonnie throw party for Jo.

Enzo shows up to tell Stefan that Lily wants his help, he tells him about the Ascendant. Lily almost can’t control herself, Stefan stop her before she could feed on a man she found.

Bonnie and Jo try to convince Elena to take a cure, but she doesn’t decided. Stefan try to help Lily to control herself. But he failed, while he try to captured her, she hurt him and escape.

Enzo tells Stefan about cure after shows up to help him for her mess, he tells him they should find Lily.

Lily shows up to Bonnie and Jo, she is angry with her. She try to attack her but Bonnie uses her magic to stop her. But Lily knocks her down, while she is going to feed on Jo. She tells her that she is pregnant, she stop and tells her that she has twins.

Damon takes Elena with him, after Elena takes the cure she has her old memory back. Stefan called them to warn them about Lily but too late, she shows up and killed Damon.

She try to feeds on Elena but she attack her and escape, during the escaping her memory is flashing back. But she manages to escape from her, Stefan found Demon they are looking for her now.

Stefan found Lily, she is so sad and try to suicide. But when he try to stop her, she try to attack her. Damon shows up from back and stop her.

Jo tells Alaric about their twins baby, her family will try to get them to get rid Kai. He tells her after wedding they will disappear.

Elena try to convinces Damon not to turn to human, he didn’t agreed with her they have a fight.

Stefan goes to see Lily, he try convinces her but failed. She tells her she will find the way to get her family back.

Kai still alive and become their people, he knows to get out there.