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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 3 The Old Man and the Key

At night Joanna accidentally see mark from king symbol at Frederick, she tells Wendy about it. She tells her that she has plan to find out.

Ingrid tells Freya that she wants to guide Dash how to use the magic, Freya thinks it’s a bad idea. Then they found locked door at their house, while they ask Joanna but they found she lied to them.

Freya needs to get the cab and goes to the find Killian, Dash subconscious tells him to find the blackmail and punish him.

Wendy goes to check victim’s body for King’s mark, but she gets nothing back from him. Joanna asks Frederic about what happen to him and her father, after listen she has more doubt. Now they use spell to track what he did.

Freya following Killian to the island, she meets Eva and Killian. He tells her that Eva is his wife. She tells him about his mother.

Dash found his blackmail, he destroy his car. He call him that if he contact him again, he will do worse.

Joanna and Wendy found Frederic do something, but seem he notices them and disappear.

Ingrid goes to give some help to Dash, while she tells him about truth Dash see the guy who blackmail him. He threaten him for money, Dash snap and kill him. Freya see whole and try to stop him.

She tells him that he is a warlock, she tells him she will teach him how to control his power.

Joanna asks Frederic about what he did in wood, they ask if he killed victim. He tells them he is there to remove his scar, but he can’t. He tells them his grandfather has army of hunter, one of them might after him.

Joanna believes him, in past he betrayed them by give king the key and take him to see them. King curse on them to make them misery but Wendy cut out king arm and get key back then she close the portal.

Victor is attacked while he is at house, Ingrid help Dash to get rid the body. One night Killian goes back to see Dash.