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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 19 Because

Stefan found Caroline, he has plan in his mind. He tells them he will tricks her that he still has no humanity and he will gives her about her family and friend. With her he tricks her by make them get captured by Damon.

Damon tells Bonnie about Ascendant that he gave to his mother, she tells him to take care of her before she become her problem.

Caroline found that she is locked with Stefan, Elena shows up and give her message from her mother. But she wants to burn it, he has no choice.

While Bonnie asks Matt to stall Lily, Enzo shows up to see her. Lily remembered him, she tells him that she never abandoned him. But she is captured by coven, he tells her that Bonnie never help her.

Bonnie stills can’t find the ascendant, Lily and Enzo shows up at house. She found it and get out, she is upset about them. Lily called Damon, she tells him to bring it back or she will destroy the cure.

Caroline found that Stefan’s humanity is back. She killed him and break out, Damon try to stop Bonnie from destroy the ascendant. She dare him to takes it, she knows that he really doesn’t want it.

Caroline is caught by police, but she found out that cop is look likes Liz. She found that it’s a dream, she wakes up. Stefan try to convinces her to get back, but she stabbed him. He stills keep put vision about Liz to her, she now wants to see it.

But he tells her that he already gave it to her which she burned, she is so sorry. Her humanity is back.

Damon goes back to see Lily, he tells her he has not. But she knows and already give the cure to Elena. She found it and ask Damon about it.

Lily asks Enzo to meets her, she tells him she just feed on man. She is sorry, Damon decides to take a cure with her.