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Zootopia (2016)

Animals are live together with peaceful no hunter or prey. They live in Zootopia, they can be astronaut, police.

Judy is the rabbit, she wants to be a police but her parent said that it’s difficult. But she wants to try, she wants to protect the justice.

She apply to police academy, she try hard and finally pass it. She graduated from academy and assigned to precinct 1 in city.

Judy leaves her town and go to the city, in first day at the police station. Everyone seems doesn’t believe that she can do.

Her boss assign Judy to be traffic police instead of assign her to looking for missing people case, he tells her to get 200 tickets before noon then he will assign her the real case.

After Judy finish her tickets before noon, she spots the fox, Nick. She found that he try to buy the birthday party for his child. She help them, but later she found that he is scam.

She try to confront him but he won’t accept it. Instead he critic her ability to be a police. She feels down, next day there is robber. Shop owner asks her to catch him, she chases him and catch him in rat’s town.

After she arrives at station, her boss critic her for her action. While that one of missing relative wants police to find her missing husband, her boss doesn’t want to do. Judy accepts it instead of him, he fired her. But before that major’s assistant shows up he has no choice but give her 48 hours to find the missing.

From file she found the hint, she found that Nick may knows about the missing. She finally forces him to help her find the missing.

They go around to find the clues, she gets the plate number. They get it run and found it’s link to limo-service. They go to check it at night, they found wallet of missing in the limo.

Nick found that the car is belong to boss gang that he knows, before he gets them leave. They are captured by Big’s men, Nick used to scam him before so he is so afraid at him.

Mr. Big is going to ice them for what Nick done, but before that Mr.Big s daughter shows up and tell Mr.Big that Judy save her another day, he agreed to to help them find missing.

Mr. Big tells them that the missing gone crazy, he tells them about victim the limo’s driver that the missing attacked. After they go to see him, he tells them that the missing go crazy and attacked him. But then the driver suddenly go crazy and attack them, they run out.

After the backup shows up, the crazy is missing so she has no prove. Nick helps her out of situation and gets her more time.

They go to get help from mayor’s assistant to see traffic cam, they found that the victim is captured to cliffside.

They following them there and found the wolves’s nest, they sneak inside and found it’s old hospital.

Then they found out that the major is behind this, they escape out safety. After that they arrest mayor and get all missing back.

After the press conference, Judy makes Nick thinks that she afraid of him. He is upset and leave, after that the city is changed. They start to ban the predator from city, Judy thinks that this is because of her.

She decides to quit fro police and go back her home, then she learns from her parent that the flower is cause of the crazy problems.

She goes back in city to find Nick, she asks help from him. They found out about man who sell the toxic flower, after found the clue they following it to the lair. They found the lab where they build the toxic.

Judy and Nick steals their lab out but they almost lost all evidence except last one, then mayor shows up. Judy found out that mayor is behind this.

Judy and Nick tricks her to confess and arrest her for the evil’s plan. Old mayor is back to his duty and Zootopia is back to normal