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Witches of East End Season 2 Episode 2 The Son Also Rises

Today Ingrid is missing, Joanna and Freya worried about her, Freya then see her unconscious at the garden.

Dash try to testing his power again but not work, he received called from his blackmail. It’s the video record what he did to Killian.

Ingrid wakes up and they found she seems ok but she doesn’t remember anything. Joanna is going to tell them about their brother, Wendy tells them about him instead. She tells them about him and his betrayal.

They tells them about one who come through portal with him, Frederick shows up. He spent some time with them.

Joanna tells Wendy she is going to give magic pie to Dash, to see if he really has magic. Wendy try to check that Frederic is telling the truth, Joanna tells her to stop.

Frederic sneaks one of her earring and cast magic on it, Wendy transform to cat and goes to see the guy that she is interested. But she found that he already has a family, she left.

Joanna and Wendy takes their pie and goes to see Dash, he is in hurry to goes to give his money to his blackmailer. but they failed.

Killian wins again the card, but his player is not agreed. While he is going to kill him, his hand suddenly snap. They all confused what happen, Ava tells him that they think he is a witch.

Joanna and Wendy are at party, Wendy suddenly get chilled. Freya asks the spell that can get though out, Frederick confirms that it may work.

At night he and Freya try that spell, she open the door and go with him. They found where is him, but before they see him owl shows up. They comes back, Freya decided to go to see him.

Frederic almost lost himself while he try to help Freya from drunkard. Dash goes to see Ingrid, he asks her about strange symptom. She tells her that her family is so normal, then other victim shows up and collapse.

Ingrid tells them that she wants to move out, Joanna is feels panic. Wendy tells her about 2 bodies that she heard from EMT, she thinks it’s Frederic.